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XILINX Spartan Series

At present, XILINX has two kinds of FPGA products: Spartan and virtex. The former is mainly for low-cost middle and low-end applications, and is the lowest cost FPGA in the industry at present; The latter is mainly for high-end applications and belongs to the top products in the industry. The difference between these two series is limited to the scale of the chip and the special module. They both adopt the advanced 0.13, 90 or even 65 manufacturing process, and have the same excellent quality.
Spartan series is suitable for general industrial and commercial fields. At present, the mainstream chips include spartan-2, spartan-2e, Spartan-3, spartan-3a, spartan-3e and the latest spartan-6. Spartan-2 can reach up to 200000 system gates, spartan-2e can reach up to 600000 system gates, and Spartan-3 can reach up to 5million gates. Spartan-3a and spartan-3e not only have a larger number of system gates, but also enhance a large number of embedded dedicated multipliers and dedicated block ram resources, and have the ability to realize complex digital signal processing and on-chip programmable system.

Spartan-2 series

Spartan-2 inherits more logic resources on the basis of Spartan series, achieves higher performance, and the chip density is up to 200000 system gates. Due to the mature FPGA structure, it supports popular interface standards, has an appropriate amount of logic resources and on-chip RAM, and provides flexible clock processing. It can run 8-bit picoblaze soft core, which is mainly used in various low-end products. Its main features are as follows: using 0.18 process, the density reaches 5292 logic units; The system clock can reach 200MHz; The maximum number of gates is 200000, with delayed digital phase-locked loop; Programmable user i/o; Have on-chip block RAM storage resources.

Spartan-2E series

Spartan-2e is based on virex-e architecture and has more logic gates, user i/o and higher performance than spartan-2. Xilinx also provides it with IP cores including memory controller, system interface, DSP, communication and network, and can run CPU soft core, which has certain support for DSP. Its main features are as follows: using 0.15 process, the density reaches 15552 logic units; The maximum system clock can reach 200MHz; The maximum number of gates is 600000, with a maximum of 4 delay PLLs; The nuclear voltage is 1.2V, and the i/q voltage can be 1.2V, 3.3V, and 2.5V, supporting 19 optional i/o standards; Up to 288k block ram and 221k distributed ram.

Spartan-3 series

Spartan-3 is based on virtex II FPGA architecture, adopts 90 technology, 8-layer metal process, and has more than 5 million gates. It is embedded with hard core multiplier and digital clock management module. Structurally, Spartan-3 perfectly combines logic, memory, mathematical operations, digital processors, i/o and system management resources, making it more widely used at a higher level, achieving commercial success and occupying a large share of the middle and low-end market. Its main characteristics are as follows: using 90 technology, the density is as high as 74880 logic units; The maximum system clock is 340mhz; Special multiplier with; The core voltage is 1.2V, and the port voltage is 3.3V, 2.5V, and 1.2V, supporting 24 i/o standards; Up to 520k distributed ram and 1872k block ram; With on-chip clock management module (DCM); With embedded xtrema DSP function, it can perform 330billion times of multiplication and addition per second.

Spartan-3A series

Spartan-3a integrates various innovative features on the basis of Spartan-3 and spartan-3e platforms to help customers greatly reduce the total cost of the system. The first FPGA electronic serial number in the industry is realized by using the unique device DNA ID technology; It provides an economical and powerful mechanism to prevent tampering, cloning and over design. And it has the enhanced multi start feature of integrated watchdog monitoring function. It supports commercial lash memory, which helps to reduce the total cost of the system. Its main characteristics are as follows: 90 process is adopted, and the density is as high as 74880 logic units; The working clock range is 5mhz~320mhz; Leading connectivity function platform, with the widest range of IO standards (26 kinds, including new TMDs and PPDs) support; The first powerful anti cloning security feature in the industry realized by using the unique device DNA serial number; Five devices, with system gates up to 1.4m and 502 i/o; Flexible power management.

Spartan-3ADP series

Spartan-3adsp platform provides the most cost-effective DSP devices. The core of its architecture is XtremeDSP dsp48a slice. It also provides new xc3sd3400a and xc3sd1800a devices with performance over 30gmac/s and memory bandwidth up to 2196 Mbps. The new spartan-3a DSP platform is an ideal choice for cost sensitive DSP algorithms and coprocessing applications that require very high DSP performance. Its main features are as follows. Adopting 90 technology, the density is as high as 74880 logic units; The embedded dsp48a can work to 250MHz; The structured selectram architecture is used to provide a large number of on-chip storage units; The voltage of vccaux supports 2.5V and 3.3V, which simplifies the design for 3.3V applications; Low power consumption efficiency, spartan-3a DSP device has high signal processing capacity of 4.06 gmacs/mw.

Spartan-3AN series

Spartan-3an chip is a nonvolatile security FPGA with the highest level of system integration, which provides the following two unique performances: a large number of characteristics and high performance of advanced SRAM FPGA, and the safety, board space saving and easy configuration characteristics of nonvolatile FPGA. Spartan-3an platform is an ideal choice for space demanding and / or safety applications and low-cost embedded controllers. The key features of spartan-3an platform include: the industry's first 90nm nonvolatile FPGA, with device DNA electronic serial number that can realize flexible and low-cost security performance; Flash, the largest on-chip user in the industry, with a capacity of 11mb; Provide the most extensive i/o standard support, including 26 kinds of single ended and differential signal standards, flexible power management mode, and more than 40% power consumption can be saved in sleep mode. Five devices have a system gate of up to 1.4m and 502 i/os.

Spartan-3E series

Spartan-3e is the latest product of Spartan series at present. It has a number of chips with system gates ranging from 100000 to 1.6 million. It is a product further improved on the basis of the success of Spartan-3. It provides more i/o ports and lower unit cost than Spartan-3. It is the FPGA chip with the highest sex price ratio of Xilinx. Thanks to the better use of 90 technology, it has achieved more functions and processing bandwidth at unit cost. It is the new low-cost product representative of Xilinx and an effective substitute for ASIC, mainly for consumer electronics applications, such as broadband wireless access, home network access and digital TV equipment. Its main features are as follows: 90 process is adopted; A large number of user i/o ports can support up to 376 i/o ports or 156 pairs of differential ports; The port voltage is 3.3V, 2.5V, 1.8V, 1.5V, 1.2V; The transmission rate of single port can reach 622, and it supports DDR interface; Up to 36 dedicated multipliers, 648 ram blocks, 231 distributed ram; Wide clock frequency and multiple dedicated on-chip digital clock management (DCM) modules.

Spartan-6 series

As the sixth generation product of Spartan FPGA series, spartan-6 FPGA series adopts reliable low-power 45nm 9-layer metal wiring double-layer oxidation process technology. This new series of products achieves a perfect balance of low risk, low cost, low power consumption and high performance. The efficient dual register 6-input LUT (lookup table) logic structure of spartan-6 FPGA series uses the reliable and mature virtex architecture to support cross platform compatibility and optimize system performance. Rich built-in system level modules include DSP logic chips, high-speed transceivers, and PCI Express ® The interface kernel, also derived from the virtex series, can provide a higher degree of system level integration.
Spartan-6 FPGA series adopts special technology for cost and power sensitive markets, such as car entertainment, flat panel display and video surveillance. The new high-performance integrated memory controller supports DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and mobile DDR memory. The multi port bus structure of the hard core can provide predictable timing and performance up to ddr2/ddr3 800 (400MHz). With the support of the design wizard, the process of building a storage controller for spartan-6 FPGA becomes very simple and direct. The innovation of advanced power management technology and the optional 1.0V low-power core enable the spartan-6 FPGA to reduce the power consumption by up to 65% compared with the previous generation Spartan series. Fast and flexible i/o supports memory access bandwidth of more than 12gbps, is compatible with 3.3V voltage, and adopts a greener RoHS compatible lead-free package.